Saltillo & Mexican Tile

Northern Chicago / Lake Zurich

Saltillo, Mexican Tile & Terra Cotta Restoration

Saltillo tile is an unglazed clay floor tile made in Saltillo, Coahuila, Mexico. The tile is made from natural clay deposits from that region which is one of the finest natural clay deposits in the world. Briefly, this is the manufacturing process.

  1. Clay is excavated from the earth
  2. Clay is mixed with water
  3. The wet clay is formed into tile shapes
  4. The tiles are dried in the sun
  5. The dried tiles are fired in kilns

BiO Tile & Grout Restoration can restore your old Saltillo tile to look new. When necessary we can remove sealer that has become scratched and dirty over time. Though Saltillo tile is a simple clay product, it can be most challenging to restore.

Contact Us online or call (847) 438-0212 for a free estimate on Saltillo, Mexican, and Terra Cotta Tile restoration services throughout Lake, Cooke, and McHenry Counties and surrounding Northern Illinois areas.


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