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Terrazzo with CoatingFloor Maintenance Problems

Are you tired of wasting time and money trying to maintain the appearance of your tile or VCT floors? Looking for a long-lasting, maintenance-free solution?

In today’s environment of tight budgets, higher air quality restrictions, and constant threat of MRSA and other health related hazards, every building manager is facing the same question – how do I do more for less? With limited budgets and limited availability of skilled and productive maintenance personnel, keeping your building in a condition that is acceptable to upper management and the public can be difficult to achieve.

Our Tried and Proven Solution

We have a cost-effective solution for you — beautiful, durable, maintenance-free floor coating.

Since Samuel C. Johnson invented the first commercial grade wax finish, there have been many developments in hard floor surface finishes. One such development is a high-tech urethane based, UV resistant coating called ETS180. It was developed by floor professionals to be low maintenance – no buffing, burnishing or stripping required – extremely durable and environmentally friendly with no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). With high-gloss finish, where one coat is equal to 95 deg on the gloss meter, a proper application of ETS180 equals 6 or more coats of acrylic finish and maintains its appearance for months or even years without the need for buffing, burnishing or stripping. This kind of coating is your best bet for providing the highest quality floors on a shoe string budget.

Don’t be fooled by cheap solutions that end up costing more in the long run.

The low initial cost of old fashion acrylic based floor finishes may look attractive, but building managers and cleaning service providers should be aware that the long term expense, once maintenance costs are factored in, is extremely high. Not only that, but constant floor buffing and burnishing creates air quality hazards, a critical factor, especially for locations such as health care facilities and schools. If you are the owner or building managers of this kind of facility, you know the importance of keeping the floors healthy and safe while still maintaining a great appearance. Coatings like ETS180 can help you achieve this.

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As experienced floor and surface care experts, we strongly encourage building managers and cleaning service providers to recognize floor care as an investment, rather than a cleaning task. Your floors set the tone for the rest of the facility. By taking the long view and utilizing the most advanced, high-tech floor finish available, a good floor care program can minimize slip-and-fall accidents, eliminate costly refinishing cycles, help to maintain a clean and healthy environment, and provide the quality impression facility owners and occupants want to see.

The benefits of floor coating at-a-glance:

  • Low Maintenance – No buffing, burnishing or stripping required. Provides superior durability and scratch resistance and is highly resistant to chemicals.
  • Outstanding appearance – A high-gloss, water-based urethane floor finish. One coat is equal to 95 deg. gloss, which is equal to 6-10 coats of acrylic finish.
  • Sustainable – Zero VOCs. Requires 50 % less chemicals, water, and energy.
  • Improved Safety – High slip resistance, exceeds ADA and OSHA standards (SCOF greater than 0.80).
  • Longer Lifecycle – Maintains a high-gloss appearance for many months or even years with no buffing, burnishing or stripping required.
  • Microbial and Infection Control – Inhibits growth of bacteria and mold.
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality – Zero VOCs and no buffing means less dust particles and better air quality.
  • Reduced Total Cost – Less maintenance and equipment needs means less labor and expense over time.
  • Easier cleaning – Repels marks and stains, mops easily and requires less chemicals to keep clean.


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