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Tile grout, natural stone etc gets dirty in many different ways. It’s usually mold or mildew causing the grout stains. In the kitchen it could be a combination of food stains, general household traffic and grime, and mildew. No matter what the cause of the staining, we’ve got all important services for you. Check-out our portfolio for Tiles & Grout cleaning services in northern Chicago IL.

  • Slate Deep Cleaned

    Slate Deep Cleaned

    Lake Forest homeowners were not happy with the appearance of their slate floors. See how we transformed them....

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  • Jerusalem Limestone Deep Cleaned

    Jerusalem Limestone Deep Cleaned

    This Jerusalem limestone floor was difficult to keep clean, because of the stone's textured surface. Ground in grime and dirt had become embedded deep within the grout lines....

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  • Salon ceramic tile cleaning

    Salon ceramic tile cleaning

    Company was doing a remodel on the store. We were asked to come in and see if we can clean up 5 years of built up dirt. We can evaluate the...

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  • Cleaning Limestone Floor

    Cleaning Limestone Floor

    Limestone is porous and can be a challenge to keep clean in areas prone to spills or high traffic...

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  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Tile and grout surfaces inevitably become impossible to clean using regular cleaning methods, including scrubbing...

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  • Cleaning Jerusalem Limestone

    Cleaning Jerusalem Limestone

    Our highly trained technicians can use specialized equipment to clean your Jerusalem Limestone......

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  • Busy Sushi Restaurant

    Busy Sushi Restaurant

    We cleaned the floor of this busy sushi restaurant one year after installation, making it look new again....

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  • Marble Etching Removed

    Marble Etching Removed

    Acids from alcohol and juice left etches on the surface of this elegant island countertop. In addition, there were scratches...

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  • Kitchen Floor Looks New Again

    Kitchen Floor Looks New Again

    Improper cleaning solutions created a textured surface that trapped dirt. Regular cleaning methods were no longer effective...

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  • Commercial Floor Made Spotless

    Commercial Floor Made Spotless

    Commercial floors like this one are subject to heavy traffic, and consequently, dirt becomes deeply embedded in grout lines...

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  • Fire Damage Restoration

    Fire Damage Restoration

    Residential fires are devastating, and many surfaces must be replaced. Brick, however, can be an exception....

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  • Slate Floor Restored

    Slate Floor Restored

    Not only is slate textured and uneven, but quite often it has been sealed or coated with many layers of topical finishes...

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  • Banquet Hall Restored

    Banquet Hall Restored

    This beautiful banquet hall has traffic and usage of around 5,000 people per week. As you can see, we expertly restored...

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  • Limestone Countertop Repair

    Limestone Countertop Repair

    When your limestone or other natural stone countertops become etched, scratched, chipped, or otherwise damaged...

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  • Limestone Grout Cleaning

    Limestone Grout Cleaning

    BiO Tile and Grout can cleaning your limestone, removing any dirt trapped deep down the porous surface of the stone or grout...

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  • Marble Shines Again

    Marble Shines Again

    BiO Tile and Grout Restoration can restore your lifeless-looking marble floors to an elegant, like-new appearance...

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  • Marble Floor Polishing

    Marble Floor Polishing

    Marble floors lose their elegance with heavy traffic, but Bio Tile and Grout Restoration can hone and polish your marble...

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  • Saltillo Looks Brand New

    Saltillo Looks Brand New

    BiO Tile and Grout Restoration can make your dingy looking saltillo floors look brand new again. Cleaned and sealed...

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  • School Kitchen Cleaned

    School Kitchen Cleaned

    Keeping a food service area clean is difficult when porous grout traps dirt and other contaminants. Janitorial services...

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  • Marble Scratch Repair

    Marble Scratch Repair

    BiO Tile and Grout Restoration can resolve any problem you have with your marble. We can clean, polish, repair, and restore...

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  • Terrazzo Restoration

    Terrazzo Restoration

    We can resolve many issues with terrazzo, even if it has been hidden under carpet for years, has holes or scratches ...

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  • Marble Entry Restoration

    Marble Entry Restoration

    Entryways provide the first impression for your home. Unfortunately, they are high traffic areas that become dull and dirty looking...

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  • Commercial Marble Polishing

    Commercial Marble Polishing

    No surface in a public facility gets as much use as the floor surface. Marble is a soft stone, which needs to be polished periodically...

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  • Travertine Repaired

    Travertine Repaired

    This unfilled travertine floor had a matte finish. We gave the floor a brand new look by repairing the holes and polishing...

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  • Travertine Restoration

    Travertine Restoration

    This newly installed travertine floor was never properly finished. It looked like it had been used and abused for years...

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  • Tile Floor Looks New Again

    Tile Floor Looks New Again

    Our trained and skilled technicians can provide the highest level of cleaning available for your tile and grout floors and surfaces...

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  • Tile Floor Cleaned

    Tile Floor Cleaned

    We produce amazing results on even the dirtiest floors with our hot water and extraction grout cleaning method...

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  • Slate Cleaned and Sealed

    Slate Cleaned and Sealed

    This slate shower had become very drab and dull-looking. First, we cleaned the stone. Then, we applied a color seal...

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  • Public Facility Floor Cleaned

    Public Facility Floor Cleaned

    The anti-slip tile in this public facility had dirt and grime ground deep down within the textured surface...

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  • Residential Floor Cleaned

    Residential Floor Cleaned

    Don't wear yourself out scrubbing your tile and grout. Call us. We can make your floor look new again...

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  • Restaurant Floor Cleaned

    Restaurant Floor Cleaned

    The floor of this popular pizza restaurant is subject to the wear and tear of high traffic and spills...

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  • Shine Restored

    Shine Restored

    No matter what kind of natural stone you have, BiO Tile and Grout Restoration can restore it to like-new...

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  • Outdoor Limestone Stairs

    Outdoor Limestone Stairs

    Dirt, dust, and pollens are more prevalent outdoors. Algae was growing on these limestone stairs...

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  • Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Kitchen Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Tile and grout floors in high-traffic, spill-prone areas such as kitchens can become dull and dirty looking...

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  • Marble Polishing and Repair

    Marble Polishing and Repair

    BiO Tile and Grout Restoration can restore the elegance and shine to dull-looking marble. See the difference for yourself...

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  • Grout Cleaning

    Grout Cleaning

    Grout is porous and dirt gets trapped deep down under the surface. We can clean even ground in dirt...

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  • Fireplace Stone Restoration

    Fireplace Stone Restoration

    BiO Tile and Grout Restoration can clean and restore your fireplace stone. See for yourself the dramatic difference...

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  • Locker Room Restored

    Locker Room Restored

    A facility with a well-kept, clean appearance helps your business present the most professional image...

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  • Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

    Commercial kitchens usually have anti-slip tile, which tends to trap dirt that only hot water and extraction can reach...

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  • Ceramic Tile Cleaning

    Ceramic Tile Cleaning

    BiO Tile and Grout Restoration can give new life to your dirty, dull ceramic tile and grout floors....

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  • Brick Restoration

    Brick Restoration

    We expertly handle brick restoration, cleaning, and sealing. See the amazing results...

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  • Cleaning Anti-Slip Tile

    Cleaning Anti-Slip Tile

    BiO Tile and Grout Restoration uses a hot water and extraction grout cleaning method to completely clean anti-slip tile...

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  • Lippage Removal

    Lippage Removal

    Tile floors should be flat. When one tile is higher than another, this is called lippage. We can remove lippage from floors....

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  • Garage Floor Polished

    Garage Floor Polished

    BiO Tile and Grout Restoration can make any floor look like new, even an oily, dirty garage floor. We repaired and polished...

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  • Garage Floor Repaired

    Garage Floor Repaired

    Of all the floor surfaces in your home, your garage floor is most prone to damage. Bio Tile and Grout Restoration repairs...

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