Marble Etching Removed

There’s a story behind this image of an island in a brand new house. The owner had not yet moved in, because she was waiting to sell her current home. The brother of the owner went through a divorce and didn’t have a place to live. She decided to let him move into the new home temporarily.

After his divorce was finalized, the brother decided to throw a bachelor party. As you can see in the first two images, acids from alcoholic beverages, lemon juice, and orange juice left burn marks (etches) on the surface of this elegant island countertop. In addition, there were scratches from heavy objects that had been dragged across the counter. Imagine our customer’s face when she saw her marble ruined.

People often see damage to stone and believe that it must be replaced. This is not so. Natural stone, unlike many manufactured surfaces, can be honed and polished, removing the damage to reveal the perfect stone underneath. Our highly trained technicians, armed with the appropriate state-of-the-art equipment, were able to restore the marble to the same clear, polished finish as the day it was installed. The customer was very relieved and satisfied that she did not have to replace the island countertop.

In the the second two images, notice how distinctly the reflection of the windows appears on the polished surface. The final two images demonstrate the drastic difference between the damaged surface and the restored marble.

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