How To Remove Mud Stains On Exterior Stone

Tips for Removing Mud Stains

We frequently get asked questions about stone care, especially how to resolve some common problems. One question we are asked quite often is how to remove mud stains from exterior travertine or other natural stone. If you have a stone entrance, patio, or pool deck that has been stained by mud, here are some tips for getting those stains out.

First, avoid any acidic cleaners or home-made solutions with acids in them.

Travertine is a calcite based stone, and for those of you that remember science class, acid eats up calcium. Acid on travertine can result in permanent etching. To avoid the cost of a complete restoration job, don’t take chances with questionable cleaning solutions.

Now that we’ve told you what not to do…

Mud stains on travertine should come off with good alkaline cleaner–one that states specifically that it is safe for natural stone –a soft bristle deck brush, and some elbow grease. If any small stained areas remain, use a hydrogen peroxide poultice to remove the stains. For detailed instructions on how to make a poultice, including a how-to video, go here.

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