Before starting BiO Tile and Grout Restoration, Adam was a mechanical engineer. For fifteen years he designed equipment, installations, and integrations. He also completely remodeled his house, stripping it down to 2x4s and replacing everything from faucets to surfaces. Upon discovering his natural talent for building and fixing, he went on to build a brand new house from scratch. Meanwhile, Adam worked his way up in the company hierarchy and earned the respect of his superiors, coworkers, and customers.

One day he was on a business trip, and his flight was cancelled. Without his high-powered computer with 3-D software programs, Adam wondered how he would meet his project deadlines. Nearby, a group of men were cleaning the tile and grout. He considered how stressful his high-demand engineering had become, and longed for the simplicity of cleaning and fixing things with his own two hands.

“People thought I was crazy,” Adam says, as he recalls leaving his high status position and investing $80,000 in equipment to clean and restore natural stone, tile, and grout. “The trade-off,” he says, “is that now, I provide the highest quality possible, the best level of expertise. My job today is my reputation tomorrow. That’s how I decided to operate.”

Adam worked alone for a while, but demand for his excellent workmanship increased, and over the past seven years, he has hired and trained seven technicians. Trained by the “Godfather” of the natural stone industry, Maurizio Bertoli, Adam continued his education with John Freitag at the Stone and Tile School in Florida. He took advantage of local training opportunities, working for free until he was sure he had mastered the art of floor restoration. Now, he demands the same intensive reviewing process of his own employees, pushing for the highest quality demonstrated expertise before technicians are sent to work for customers.


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