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  • Slate Deep Cleaned

    Slate Deep Cleaned

    Lake Forest homeowners were not happy with the appearance of their slate floors. See how we transformed them....

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  • Jerusalem Limestone Deep Cleaned

    Jerusalem Limestone Deep Cleaned

    This Jerusalem limestone floor was difficult to keep clean, because of the stone's textured surface. Ground in grime and dirt had become embedded deep within the grout lines....

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  • Salon ceramic tile cleaning

    Salon ceramic tile cleaning

    Company was doing a remodel on the store. We were asked to come in and see if we can clean up 5 years of built up dirt. We can evaluate the...

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  • Cleaning Limestone Floor

    Cleaning Limestone Floor

    Limestone is porous and can be a challenge to keep clean in areas prone to spills or high traffic...

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  • Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Tile and Grout Cleaning

    Tile and grout surfaces inevitably become impossible to clean using regular cleaning methods, including scrubbing...

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  • Cleaning Jerusalem Limestone

    Cleaning Jerusalem Limestone

    Our highly trained technicians can use specialized equipment to clean your Jerusalem Limestone......

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  • Busy Sushi Restaurant

    Busy Sushi Restaurant

    We cleaned the floor of this busy sushi restaurant one year after installation, making it look new again....

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  • Marble Etching Removed

    Marble Etching Removed

    Acids from alcohol and juice left etches on the surface of this elegant island countertop. In addition, there were scratches...

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